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Re: A gentle reminder

As Garrett wrote:
>>...you would be wise to consult the instructions for
your mail program in order to find out how such encoding
can be disabled...<<

Garrett actually pointed this out to me earlier in 
response to my querry regarding posts not getting through.
Those of us who use AOL, and specifically, AOL's new 6.0,
there is NO WAY to disable the html-encryption.  this
info comes by way of AOL's several interactive help
options (live on-line tech, e-mail and a call to the 800
   as you'll note, my posts of late have orginated by way
of the soon-to-be dismantled GO portal.  (another case of
corporate taking on too much at one time???)
   so, if you've got AOL's 6.0, you may have mail, (my 
primary isp & mail server; it's how i get the newsgroup's
latest buzzings and musings) but sending mail is a 
different story.

- -Chuck Igo

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