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Re: yesterday's LTAR; I'm on TV

Yes...maybe our chief engineer or technical advisor
was informed of this (WMWM's tech. advisor is 
Tai of WZLX). But even if we were informed, maybe
we didn't have enough clout to defeat a big college
like UMASS-Boston (and its station). It affects our
fringe area; now, if it affected how we are received
in Salem, Beverly, Danvers, or Peabody, that would be
a huge concern to us.

By the way, a few years ago (I have been with WMWM
since 3/12/81 and remember this stuff), we got a
letter from someone in Salem who enjoyed listening to
the folk sounds of WUMB.
He would tune in and suddenly hear us sign on at
9 am or noon, playing punk rock, and claimed to be
part of a group called "91.9 Not 91.7". We explained
to him that WMWM serves the North Shore while WUMB
serves Boston and the South Shore. 

In many areas of the North Shore, both WMWM and WUMB
can be received fairly well. In some areas our
signal "bleeds" onto theirs, and right near our
transmitter you can't get WUMB at all when we're
on the air. 

WMWM was there first, by the way (went to FM in 1978,
then I think WUMB came in in '82 or so), but they have
much more power than we do. And certainly WMWM doesn't
have the various translators (Worcester, Cape Cod,
and now Newburyport) that WUMB has.

> > The most they do is provide a listing of
> applications on file; it's then
> > up to the station (or their engineers, or their
> lawyers) to keep track
> > of which ones might be an issue for them.

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