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Re: yesterday's LTAR; I'm on TV

I don't know whether it's still FCC practice to make 
stations parties to proceedings that aim to determine 
whether another station's application for improved 
facilities will cause objectionable interference to one 
or more other stations. There was however definitely a 
time when this _was_ FCC practice. If the FCC named a 
station as a party to such proceedings, I believe the 
named station could opt out. This arrangement was 
certainly designed to encourage the station that had 
applied for improved facilities to pay off the named 
stations. I think that such payoffs were against the FCC 
rules that were in effect at the time, but it would 
amaze me if such payoffs weren't the rule, rather than 
the exception.
> I don't believe the FCC assumes responsibility for contacting stations
> when applications are filed that "might" impact those stations' signals.
> The most they do is provide a listing of applications on file; it's then
> up to the station (or their engineers, or their lawyers) to keep track
> of which ones might be an issue for them.