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Re: yesterday's LTAR; I'm on TV

At 05:11 PM 1/29/2001 EST, you wrote:
>Actually, that isn't completely true. 
>Some of the cable access shows produced in Brookline appear on channel 12
on Boston cable. 
>While it isn't every one of them, some of the more topically produced
shows, like the Boston Globe's Scot Lehigh's program, are seen in Boston.  

It all depends on the producer and how aggressive he or she is at
"bicycling" tapes.

If the show is of general interest, it may indeed appear in other places.

Since WMWM is in my community, it might be worth getting a dub to air on
Salem Access Television, our public-access station.

Take care,

Dave Moisan
SATV Board of Directors 
(Not speaking for SATV)

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