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Re: wonder if they will invite Mayor Menino

Saw promo for XFL on NBC just before I switched to
the Super Bowl. It was said the XFL will "mike"
everybody--but stuff will be "bleeped out" of course,
should any nasty language get through. Then mere
minutes later on CBS' Super Bowl broadcast, one of the
Ravens players could be heard clearly shouting an
expletive referring to one's mother. Wonder how many
kids heard that; "gee, Dad, if he can say that word
how come I can't?"

I remember this sort of stuff happening before, too.
During one World Series game, they had a mike on in
the Braves dugout. As a Braves pitcher ran into some
trouble, we could clearly hear the pitching coach,
Leo Mazzone, say the F-word. Not sure if they had a
seven-second delay or if someone was "asleep at the
switch" and didn't catch it.

--- Kevin Vahey <crimson@channel1.com> wrote:
> Opie and Anthony have been signed to the XFL's
> pregame show on NBC on
> Saturday nights "live" from Times Square.
> Hoping against hope that the American sports public
> will reject the XFL
> but scared that it is going to do VERY well.
> plus they will be doing a live show on WBCN this
> coming Saturday.
> (looking for barf bag)

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