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Re: Beanpot on ATT3

But how many of us remember that ^H (ASCII 8 decimal, I 
believe--but its one of those codes that's the same in 
Hex) is a destructive backspace?

> <<On Sun, 28 Jan 2001 16:26:50 -0500 (EST), Kevin Vahey <crimson@channel1.com> 
> said:
> > The Beanpot which was supposed to be on WHUB 66 before their untimely
> > demise will now be on ATT3 starting at 5 PM February 5.
> > On the Boston, Brookline systems it will be seen on A13
> And, according to the nice letter I got a couple of days ago from
> TCI^h^h^hAT&T Broadband, AT&T-3 will be seen on channel A3 starting
> March 1.  BNN will move to channel A9, and FSNE will move to channel
> A48.  Home Shopping will be seen on channel A50 (until Univision takes
> over, but they didn't mention that).
> -GAWollman