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yesterday's LTAR; I'm on TV

On yesterday's Let's Talk About Radio, Bob mentioned
that WUMB was granted permission to put a translator
at 91.7 FM in Newburyport, the same frequency that
has WMWM in Salem, MA (my own station). The signal
would beam away from Salem (directional).

It was said "Salem and Newburyport aren't that far
apart". Indeed, they are 20-25 miles apart depending
on whether you take I-95, route 1, or route 1-A.
Usually WMWM (130 watts non-directional) starts to
fade around Rowley anyway, though you could still pick
it up (on a car radio) in Newburyport itself. My
brother lives in that city and can't pick it up on a
radio at home (sometimes car radios can do better;
maybe the type of antenna or something).

Well, with the new translator, people in that northern
fringe area of WMWM's signal won't get us at all
anymore, even if they got "spotty" reception from
us before. While I have been at WMWM for nearly 20
years, at this point I just show up to do my shows
on Sunday and I don't know for sure if WMWM protested
the proposed WUMB plan, but I would guess the FCC
must have contacted them...

By the way, I will appear on Brookline cable TV's
"Time To Review" with Dan Berman; the show will air
sometime in Feb. or March (several times, but am
not sure exactly when). I talked with the host about
my long career in college radio and my radio interest.
It's on Cablevision of Brookline and may also air in
Allston or other areas.

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