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Re: FIrst all 80's station fails...

Matthew Osborne wrote:

> According to today's All Access Net News (1/25), WXXP (103.1 FM) Chicago
> will be dropping their all 80s format by Monday in favor of an all Spanish
> format.  Wonder if anyone else is gonna follow in these footsteps anytime
> soon...

WXXP was a simulcast of two weak suburban signals surrounding Chicago.  With
94.7 going all 80's with a full signal throughout the metro, the writing was
on the wall.  The company that owns WXXP, Big City, is now operated by
hispanic broadcasters, and chances are they would have flipped the format to
Spanish despite what 94.7 did.  They also own WKIE, which is also a suburban
Chicago simulast that runs CHR, and there are rumors that station may go
Spanish as well.  This company recently flipped all of their Los Angeles
stations to Spanish.  This is in no way a reflection on the performace of the
all 80's format.

Mike Thomas