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No Jock, No Jock Itch! (was WRKO-FM?)

Steve Ordinetz wrote:
>>I don't believe there ever was a time when Fairbanks 
owned 105.7 that they actually had a jock on
overnights...just a board op, until the past few years
ditto for the "old"(ie 98.5) WROR.  I can't think of 
others specifically offhand, but I believe in the 
80s/early-mid 90s there were other Boston stations that
 were jockless overnights.<<

and guess what?  Fairbanks and RKO General and probably
the operators of "those other stations" are no longer
around.  coincidence?
if automation/live assist is so freakin' good, then what
the heck ever happened to my all time fav, two-in-a-row
and then backsell on The Rock Garden, 93.7, WCGY.
sorry, gang. you'll not convince me.  notice how the
stations that are at or near the top of the ratings are
consistent in format and staff as well as live?

- -Chuck Igo

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