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Re: FIrst all 80's station fails...

--- Mike Thomas <nostatic@earthlink.net> wrote:
> Matthew Osborne wrote:
> > According to today's All Access Net News (1/25), WXXP (103.1 FM) Chicago
> > will be dropping their all 80s format by Monday in favor of an all Spanish
> > format.  Wonder if anyone else is gonna follow in these footsteps anytime
> > soon...
> WXXP was a simulcast of two weak suburban signals surrounding Chicago.  With
> 94.7 going all 80's with a full signal throughout the metro, the writing was
> on the wall.  The company that owns WXXP, Big City, is now operated by
> hispanic broadcasters, and chances are they would have flipped the format to
> Spanish despite what 94.7 did.  They also own WKIE, which is also a suburban
> Chicago simulast that runs CHR, and there are rumors that station may go
> Spanish as well.  This company recently flipped all of their Los Angeles
> stations to Spanish.  This is in no way a reflection on the performace of the
> all 80's format.
> Mike Thomas

Good point. Also, "The Eighties Channel" ran out of money because
they just couldn't sell themselves with a 0.9 share.  I believe
the call letters are actually WXXY-FM. In addition, right after
Thanksgiving, Big City lost its format exclusivity when ABC
switched WXCD-FM (94.7) to an all-'80s format in late November.

WKIE is planning to stay on as KissFM with a CHR sound, at least for now.


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