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Quizzical Question

I meant to bring this up earlier, but due to Brylcreem
osmosis, many things slip my mind at times.  Last 
month, I went to the Wayside Inn Restaurant in 
Sudbury, Mass.  From Metro Methuen, the quickest 
way there is via rts 93, 495, 290 East to rt 20
through Marlborough.  As I went past the former
transmitter site of WSRO-AM 1470, I noticed that the 
three towers were still up!  I had been led to believe
that WSRO was ordered to relinquish this site by 
Eminent Domain so the Regional High School next door
could expand.  But if the towers are still up, why
can't they be used?  Did the faculty complain that 
RF interference was causing Havoc (Gypsy Rose Lee's 
sister) in the physics lab?  Or have budget constraints
delayed construction by the High School?  Does anybody 
out there have valid info?

Laurence Glavin

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