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88.7 Merrimack NH

I have done some limiting searching around for the
location of 88.7 deemed to be from the Merrimack NH
area. The station is a bit noisy and subject to
adjacent channel splash in south Manchester, around
the Mall of NH. In Derry NH near downtown, the signal
is full quieting as it is in Londonderry along Rte
102. As a matter of fact, if I put the power antenna
all the way down except for the last four inches, the
station still comes in just fine. This location in
Londonderry hears very well to the south and east and
poorly to the north and northwest. (This would keep
Merrimack in the running as it is due west, but
probably elimate Bedford, Manchester, Candia etc)

I checked for parallel religious broadcaster up and
the AM and FM dials and found no parallels.

Derry NH

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