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Roger Kirk wrote in reply to Dave Faneuf:
>>I saw an ad in Sunday's Lowell Sun,  
>>JAM'N is looking for a morning show.
>JAM'N 94.5 seems to be acting strange lately.
>They let Diana Steele go - and despite a post
>asking if anybody had any details, the subject 
>seems to have died.  Every time I listen, I 
>hear new air personalities.  And now, they're
>advertising in the Lowell Sun for Morning Show

Just goes to show that corporate radio can't please this list no matter
what they do.  Try to hire a local morning show that in all likelihood has
a regional accent, will talk about local issues, etc. and still no one
likes it.  :-) :-)

As for Diana Steele, my guess is that she's gotta be in her late 30s/early
40s...just a tad out of the demo for a *very* teen-oriented station.  I'm
sure if Matty & Dale weren't pulling strong numbers in the demos that
count, they'd be gone from Kiss too.