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Corporate radio (was Re: WJIB-740-CHWO)

Dave Faneuf wrote:
>> Whoever controls what we hear controls our decisions, be it the 
>> government 
>> or Mel Karmazin.  That's why divirsity of voices is important.
>Which is a major reason I don't like the direction radio and other media
>is headed,  a few major corporations controlling it all

But this is a general economic trend, not just limited to the media.  Look
at the consolidation in dept. stores (another 5 years K- and Wal Mart are
gonna be it), banks, airlines, beer (Anheuser-Busch accouonts for ~60% of
that market), etc.  Not a pretty picture, but I fail to see why many seem
to think "our" industry should be immune to this.