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Dave Faneuf wrote:
>I saw an ad in Sunday's Lowell Sun,  
>JAM'N is looking for a morning show.
>It didn't say what position they were 
>looking for....be creative etc, etc....

JAM'N 94.5 seems to be acting strange lately.
They let Diana Steele go - and despite a post
asking if anybody had any details, the subject 
seems to have died.  Every time I listen, I 
hear new air personalities.  And now, they're
advertising in the Lowell Sun for Morning Show
talent?  I know that Greater Lowell radio is/was 
home to many famous radio personalities (Gary 
Francis, Dan Guy, Ed McMahon, Michael B, Jack 
Peterson, Dave Faneuf, J.C., Steve Amirault, 
Warren Shaw, Bill O'Neill, Eddie McGee, Matt 
Stevens, Dan Bourret, Scott Fybush, Tony 
Janczeck, Paul Sullivan, Steve Leveille, Mark 
Watson, Bill Themelis, Ray Trembly, etc...) 
but none of these people seem to fit the JAM'N 
Morning Crew mold.  Are they planning a format
change? <g>

Roger Kirk