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Re: Severin beating out Howie Carr?

From: <DonKelley@aol.com>

> Summer-to-Fall Jay Severin went from
> 1.8  to 3.5.  Howie Carr went from 4.3 to 3.4.   Fall 1999-to-Fall 2000
> went 0.9 to 3.5, Howie went  5.7 to 3.4.
> In the tighter talk demo of Men 25-54 Fall-to-Fall Jay went from 1.1
> to 5.3 (3rd).  Howie went from 7.5 (3rd) to 3.9 (8th).

Doesn't sound like the election saga helped Howie at all!

But then again.....was he even talking election...or was he on his usual
"What's your favorite lunch meat"-type topic...?