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Just few comments if I may -- I know the topic of WBBR 1130 AM has come up a 
couple times on this list before.  Well this past week I was in the NYC - 
Long Island area visiting a couple friends down there, and had the 
opportunity to do some "dial scanning."  I listened to 1010 WINS, WCBS 880, 
and the new news format on WBBR 1130.  I could not believe what I heard, 
there WERE stories getting cut off in mid sentence, and it sounded to me 
like the newscasts were half read live, and half of the stories were 
recorded onto hard drive, and the transitions between them were sloppy to 
put it lightly.  Totally uncharachteristic of the quality of radio you'd 
expect to hear in New York City.  If this kind of programming continues, 
they don't stand a chance against WINS and WCBS.

                                    Matt Osborne
                                    Rochester, NY
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