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WNSX-97.7 // Down-East ME

Hey folks:

I wasn't trying to overlook the other great stations in Maine that are
still locally owned, especially WJTO-730, or any other Maine locals:
i.e. WQSS Camden/WAYD Islesboro
WABI-AM/WWBX-FM Bangor, or  WKIT-FM/WZON-AM Bangor (Stephen King's 2
stations). When I used the term "Down East" I was referring to the
Hancock/Washington County region, east of Bucksport and Bangor, which
the old-timers and locals think is the "real down-east". I admit, I'm
"from away" also. I work with a dispatcher here on Mount Desert Island,
who says she is heading down-east whenever she goes to Machias, so the
term is fairly loose.  I consider  Jonesport, Lubec and Eastport "Waaay"

As for WNSX, since it was simulcasting Scott Hogg's WMDI 107.7 from the
same studio in Bar Harbor and same transmitter-site (atop Peaked
Mountain in Sullivan) I presume it will shift to a different format.
Perhaps maybe a different transmitter site. Who knows what Clear Channel
will want to program, but IF I were the program director, I would look
at one of three options: An 80s format. Wth all the various rock formats
around in the Bangor Ellsworth market, I'm surprised nobody has jumped
onto that wagon.  Second format I would consider would be a smooth jazz
format similar to the old WCDJ 96.9 Boston, or WQCD New York.  Besides,
there are no other smooth jazz stations in Northern New England since
WCLZ dropped it a few years back..(or are there?)  There's more than
enough rock and country. There are two oldies stations, 2 alternative
outlets. There are already
Adult Standards on WDEA-1370 or WABI-910 Bangor. News/Talk with  Rush,
Howie, Dr.Laura, etc. on WVOM-103.9. So I'd suggest my third format
choice would be a simulcast of Maine's classical Bach network giving it
4 stations from Kennebunk to Canada; especially since Maine Public Radio
has upset so many classical listeners lately. WNSX does put in a fair
signal into Bangor, although they are subject to adjacent channel
interference from WIGY 97.5 Madison. Trouble is, I doubt Clear Channel
would do it, I'm sure they are more interested in a more mainstream
format than classical. But who knows?

Bob, back in the 80s local WDEA-1370 actually was known as "Down-East
Coastal Country" before shifting to its' present satellite-fed Adult
Standards a few years ago.(Although they do broadcast locally weekday
mornings from 6-9 out of their Main Street studio in Ellsworth) . Now
they trump up their call sign as "WDEA-AM1370..serving the Wonderful
Down East Area ".

By the way, while checking thru the FCC's Mass Media Bureau web-site and
reviewing pending FM applications in Maine, I noted there are 2
applications for 93.7 for Milbridge dated back to 1996, but still
pending. Also noted WBEO 101.1 Machias, whose Construction permit
expires  in April.

Trying to make it to 2001.

Rod O'Connor
Southwest Harbor, Maine 
(but a former Mass. guy, growing up in Quincy, Pembroke, and Cape Cod.)