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Re: Community Service Awards Sponsorship

The Jefferson Awards is a national campaign run by the American Institute for
Public Service (http://www.aips.org) and hence local sponsorship is presumably
up for grabs to the entity willing to commit the most resources in a given
market.  As we have seen with the Blethen Maine Newspapers, WMTW has been
aggressive of late in bidding for well-known promotional tie-ins.  Curiously,
AIPS' webpage acknowledges WLBZ-TV/Bangor (WCSH's sister station) as a
Jefferson sponsor but doesn't list WCSH or WMTW.  I wouldn't be surprised if
the invisible hand of the Gannett Foundation plays a role in the "People Who
Care" campaign.  Incidentally, WCSH also promotes a community service award
named after Mary Rines Thompson, who of course was a prior owner of the

Take care,