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FM Talk 96.9

File under: WTTK couldn't have written this any better themselves.
(Link below.) Dean Johnson's Boston Herald article aptly contrasts
WTTK to WMEX and WRKO's daytime offerings in the wake of the Wakefield
tragedy.  Braude had the whole boat to himself.


Interesting how WRKO can "clean up real nice-like" whenever the mood
strikes them, e.g., Election (cough) 2000.  If wall-to-wall local talk
is what it takes to be great radio during times of long-form national
or local urgency, then why not keep it that way, in _good faith?_
Like a supermarket that only opens its doors two days before a
blizzard, only to button back down when the sun's out.

Then they complain that the ground beef just went bad.  (Veiled
reference to Jerry Williams' steak versus hamburger metaphors past.)

Bill O'Neill