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As we know, Mr. Gallant has the market cornered on this (have we seen
his latest installment yet?)  I'll go out on a limb and suggest the
following for the year twenty oh one:

There will be at least one more mom & pop within the reach of our ears
that will flip group.

Someone will start to track the impact of internet based radio and
audio sources on rating and share.  No one will notice.

Disco will stumble nova...again...mercifully...no matter what it's

CBS Radio will ditch its new sounder in the hopes no one noticed the
speak n' spell brilliance released last week.  Hello, Columbia?

Country will keep on truckin' ... much to the dismay of perennial
naysayers of that format.  Gotta love it, if even for that reason.

Stern, like him or not, will earn every dime of the raise he yanked
from Uncle Mel. Let's hope his team got a piece of that, as well.

Imus, riding high from a stellar run through Campaign 2000, will stay
the course, as long as he stays ON the horse this time, and as long as
McCord and McGuirk keep coming down for breakfast.

That should do it, for now....

Happy New Year, listmates -  Good Health & God Bless!
# 30 #

Bill O'Neill