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Re: Globe shrinks in size and now in Stature.

Kevin writes:
> Sadly one only has to look at what happened in Boston with Chuck
> Stuart and his wife. Nice coouple from the burbs attacked. Or years
> how Boston newspapers would have a code phrase with the police
reporter if
> a victim was black or white.

Interesting that with the degraded quality of local print, we're also
dealing with pared down AP facilities.  Makes you wonder on weekends
like this, who is watching the store?  Especially since radio news
rooms are now reapportioned offices or glorified broom closets.

Here in Shoreham, VT, (Burl./Platzburg ADI) as weather happens or a
big national story, there seems to be not too much hunger for the
news.  However, whenever I dig into the locals and ask them what
they'd think of actual "sound" in news stories about the very local
area or live and local talk, they genuinely gear up.  Even local
businesses (barber, diner, hdwe. store, etc.) say that they don't
advertise on the radio.  They cite perceived cost (they don't know
what it costs per unit) and the number one reason - "No one has asked
us to advertise on the radio in years."  Not sure how true that is
but....  When I offer some free, quick and easy consultancy as to spot
placement in "No School" slots, blow off phone nos. in copy, offer-up
or piggyback time to a non-profit everyone loves in town, they also
perk up.  Now, if I could only pay the mortgage with that advise....
(How many times have you said or hear _that_ one?)

Time to stoke up the snow blower...

Bill O'Neill