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Re: Globe shrinks in size and now in Stature.

On 12/28/00 11:01 AM, Bill Piacentini wrote:

>Is it me or did anyone else cringe at a color portrait of the deranged 
>killer of seven on the front page of today's Boston Globe.

I wasn't offended by the picture but rather by the headline.  Rather than 
"7 Killed in Wakefield Office" or some such, it was "Rampage at the 
Office" or an equally Herald-ish headline.  WLVI (channel 56) and I 
assume other TV stations used similar wording.

Where I live, the Globe has no home delivery, so I read the Worcester 
Telegram & Gazette (now also owned by the NYT of course), which had a 
much more standard front page headline.