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Re: Globe shrinks in size and now in Stature.

Well, the picture _is_ related to a very current news
story. He looks scary, but at least it's not as gory
as a picture of a bullet-riddled body would be. I'm
sure that when the whole Charles Manson thing went
on, papers had pix of Manson in a similar manner,
and they were on Page One. Yes, scary-looking but it's
the news.

Should it belong on the front page? Maybe not.
You don't necessarily want your kids to see a pic like
that (or especially one of a bullet-riddled body, had
the Globe printed that). So maybe it should be on an
inside page. But news is news and it isn't always
pleasant. Maybe we can have a picture of a little girl
picking daisies on the front page. It wouldn't be as
upsetting. It also would not be the news.

Did you see the picture of the Palestinian boy
cringing next to his father, moments before the boy
was shot dead? How about the famed pic from the Tet
offensive of an prisoner being assasinated. These
pictures are not pleasant, they are shocking. And
they send a message about the horrors of war...
and the horrors of mass murder. So maybe they do 
belong on an inside page... But in some ways they
do need to be seen. (On the front page? Maybe yes,
maybe no..)

--- Larry Weil <kc1ih@mediaone.net> wrote:

> Yes, I had the paper on the passenger seat next to
> me as I drove up to 
> Vermont today.  

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