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Re: Globe shrinks in size and now in Stature.

At 11:01 AM 12/28/2000 -0500, Bill Piacentini wrote:
>Is it me or did anyone else cringe at a color portrait of the deranged 
>killer of seven on the front page of today's Boston Globe.

Yes, I had the paper on the passenger seat next to me as I drove up to 
Vermont today.  The thing was so spooky that I wound up folding the paper 
in such a way that I wouldn't see the picture when I glanced that way.

Having been on Master at 7 on the 3 PM shift for the past several days, 
I've seen enough of that guy!
Larry Weil
Temporarily in Lake Wobegone, VT
Always in L.W., it's a state of mind

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