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Re: Globe shrinks in size and now in Stature.

I actually went looking for the print editions of both the Herald and
Globe yesterday in Manhattan and I was shocked that the DAILY NEWS had
more coverage on what happened in Wakefield than the Globe did. 

(I also saw the 1670 radio listing and was scratching my head)

On Thu, 28 Dec 2000, Bill Piacentini wrote:

> Is it me or did anyone else cringe at a color portrait of the deranged 
> killer of seven on the front page of today's Boston Globe.
> The once a top publication of American Journalism, its stature has shrunk 
> with its physical format. Maybe it plans to be a tabloid for the 21st Century.
> Color portraits of the seven victims would have been more appropriate.
> At least with Radio you can't glorify a heinous act with inappropriate 
> pictures.
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