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I don't think Langer will be calling the shots on what appears or doesn't
appear on WBIX. Yes, he owns the station, but it sounds to me as if he's
committed himself to brokering 100% of the air time (or at least 100% of the
air time Monday thru Friday) to Mr and Mrs Bleidt. It's unclear to me who
will be responsible for selling the weekend time, which has been largely
brokered from Day 1. Remember that Langer has a history of leasing his
properties to others. WJLT (first on 1060 and now on 650) has been brokered
every minute since the station was was umm, reborn, in February 1997.

As for WBNW, not that this means much, but they did not run Bloomberg this
morning (or they had not picked it up as of 6:15 when I tuned out). All this
may mean is that the person who was supposed to switch the satellite feed at
5:00 AM from Business Talk Radio Network to Bloomberg had too good a
Christmas or couldn't get his/her car started because of the cold weather.

Don't most stations that run off more than one satellite feed have the
switching operation automated? I know that most AMs that are predominantly
automated, and that change patterns and/or powers during the broadcast day
use timers to automate that part of the operation. Not WBNW, however. Once
again last night, as has so often been the case over the years, it sounded
as if WBNW ran its daytime pattern and power all night.


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>WBBR in NY has had a business NEWS format for about eight years.
>The Bloomburg news programs are of  course, different from 1010 WINS, and
>In recent months, their local news has gone live, and they've beefed up
>Business TALK radio is boring. No question about it. It deserves to fail.
>There is enough talk radio, and business talk full time gets tired pretty
>If what Langer has in mind is something similar to WBBR, which is, and
>has been heavy on information, and not one after another stupid call-in
shows, and
>"growing old with us" shows, with husband and wife Dolans wannabees, then
>Langer can succeed with this one.
>Message to Alex Langer:  Boston needs something different and interesting.