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--- Dan Strassberg <Dan.Strassberg@att.net> wrote:

> I don't think Langer will be calling the shots on what appears or doesn't
> appear on WBIX. Yes, he owns the station, but it sounds to me as if he's
> committed himself to brokering 100% of the air time (or at least 100% of the
> air time Monday thru Friday) to Mr and Mrs Bleidt.

That's correct. Financial Perspectives Planning Services Inc. will
be leasing out the new WBIX from 6am to 7pm,M-F. Bradford Bleidt just
happens to be FPPS' CEO. They've made a deal with Boston Business
Journal to cross-promote each other's product. Pretty smart marketing
strategy to tap into Boston financial community but you still need to
sell ads on a station without any ratings. And by adding more salaries
to payroll and increased cost for renting out WBIX, I really don't
see this venture more than an easy tax write-off for FPPS. 

WBIX is not the first in this market to try business format. 
The old Business 590 collapsed in 1996 when the economy was
on the upswing and the Web wasn't presenting much of a competition
to traditional radio. 

Does Boston really need a local business station in 2001 when 
any type of an investor can find out the latest/breaking financial
news stories from anywhere in the world with just a couple of

>It's unclear to me who  will be responsible for selling the weekend time, which has been largely
> brokered from Day 1. Remember that Langer has a history of leasing his
> properties to others. WJLT (first on 1060 and now on 650) has been brokered
> every minute since the station was was umm, reborn, in February 1997.

Langer Radio sells all of the time on AM 1060. 


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