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Sven Franklyn Weil wrote:

> On Mon, 25 Dec 2000, Chris Beckwith wrote:
> > else.  I also have to wonder how successful an all-business format will be.
> > Can anyone name a successful station in the format?  I can't.
> In the Boston area?  No, I can't think of any successful all-biz station
> either.  But here in New York, Bloomberg News Radio (1130 AM) has lasted
> for more than 8 years or so now....if my math is right.
> Some of AM 1130's programming could be heard in Boston on WBNW (AM 56?) -
> not to mention that you can pick up WBBR in Boston at night.
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WBBR in NY has had a business NEWS format for about eight years.

The Bloomburg news programs are of  course, different from 1010 WINS, and WCBS

In recent months, their local news has gone live, and they've beefed up there

Business TALK radio is boring. No question about it.  It deserves to fail.

There is enough talk radio, and business talk full time gets tired pretty

If what Langer has in mind is something similar to WBBR, which is, and always
has been

heavy on information, and not one after another stupid call-in shows, and "
growing old

 with us" shows, with husband and wife Dolans wannabees, then maybe Langer can

with this one.

The so-called News station WBZ is still a full service station  as far as I'm

Try getting even a time check during one of their weekend sports rants.

Message to Alex Langer:  Boston needs something different and interesting.