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Re: 740-Toronto

Yes, though we may be talking apples-and-oranges
here; a station with a consistent format and one
that has many different "specialty shows" during the
week. My own station, WMWM, would also have a "very
large playlist". During the week there's a bunch of
new alternative rock and rap CDs being played, and
people pick different cuts from them. On the weekends
our specialty shows also have a large variety of

For example, our Saturday night doo-wop show, 
"Uncle Henry's Basement" and our Sunday afternoon
jazz show "Mood Swings" each have rotating hosts
from week to week, often bringing in their own
material. And our 2 blues shows also have a very
wide playlist. It ain't top 40... But again, we're
comparing non-comm. college stations with a commercial

I wonder if the big corporate types look at the
beginning of the FM dial and wonder "why do they have
all those (often) weak-powered public and college
stations there? We could get the FCC to throw them
off and put some powerful commercial stations there!"
But fortunately we have a chance to let different
styles of music find a home... a chance to break new
artists and train DJs and other radio people...A 
chance to do something different! As someone who will
be marking my 20th anniversary in college radio on
March 12 (plug, plug!) let's hear it for college and 
public radio!

> Nah!  I'll bet WERS and many other college stations
> have a much 
> larger playlist, considering all the different
> formats that WERS 
> plays over the course of a week.

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