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Re: Per-Inquiry Spots on Network News

The budgets and sales goals for all the TV networks and stations
are set way ahead of time. I am sure all the broadcast
and cable networks were conservatively expecting dot.com revenue
to be here in the fourth qtr. as was the case last year.
And, as you know the networks have become nothing more than
revenue streams for these huge mega monopolies which
answer to Wall Street. And, the Street has no mercy on losers.
So the pressure is on many TV networks managers to
get the bucks right now. According to the trades,
networks are asking agencies to pay for the 1st qtr spots
upfront so they could boost 4th qtr numbers. This may create
1st qtr shortfall as well but the idea there is that you
have the whole year to make up the losses in the 1st qtr. 

The daytime TV advertising has completely collapsed.
The networks are even moving some advertising spots from prime-time
to daytime in order to boost numbers but it's looking bleak.
I wouldn't be surprised if some soaps, game shows and talk shows
which are underperforming will see the big 
cancellation axe if the advertising shortfall
continies into early 2001....No matter how you look at it,
whatever-you-call-it has hit the fan. No wonder Dan Rather
has got the worried look on his face...}:(


--- lglavin@lycosmail.com wrote:

> This is a possible indicator of a collapse of
> advertising on some conventional network shows.  That 
> may explain why Jodi Applegate took the gig at Fox 25.
> Also, I see an ABC-TV correspondent is going to an
> AM station in Milwaukee. It may not be long before you
> see some network correspondents holding signs saying
> "Will slant the news for food"!
> Laurence Glavin
> Methuen, MA
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