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Per-Inquiry Spots on Network News

I watch Dan ("You can take that to the bank") Rather's
CBS-TV nightly news, perhaps hoping to see him really
go around the bend.  I've observed these per-inquiry 
spots (one a collection of Xmas Muzak selections with
a backbround of Bing Crosby yet and the other a Yanni
collection) and assumed that these were inserts by 
channel 4.  Now I find out from previous posts that 
they are actual NETWORK commercials and also appear on 
Tom Bwoakow's NBC Nightly News.  In December!
This is a possible indicator of a collapse of
advertising on some conventional network shows.  That 
may explain why Jodi Applegate took the gig at Fox 25.
Also, I see an ABC-TV correspondent is going to an
AM station in Milwaukee. It may not be long before you
see some network correspondents holding signs saying
"Will slant the news for food"!

Laurence Glavin
Methuen, MA

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