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Re: Hot 97 blames Verizon for outages

On Wed, 6 Dec 2000, John Mullaney wrote:

> I actually did a two day RPU link from the roof of the Pru to Hull years ago to
> put WBZ back on the air when they had lost their phone lines to Hull. After
> that they installed a RF STL as a back up. All of the stations in town that are
> using T1's now for their studio transmitter links have RF back ups for the same
> reason.

No RF path is available to back up our Waltham - Cape Cod T1 nor our
Waltham - Southborough T1. I'd like to put an ISDN codec at our Brewster
transmitter site, but ISDN isn't available there, nor is it available at
Superadio's uplink site in Southborough.

Rob Landry