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Univision buys Hub 66 and other USAB stations...

Univision is paying $1.1 billion for 13 USAB stations and minority
interest in 4 full power stations...Looks like one-time TV renegade
Barry Diller has completely cashed out of the business(USA
Network will shortly be absorbed by an intenational media conglom
Vivendi after the sale from Seagram's
closes. Biller is not expected to be in Vivendi's picture).

As mentioned in this afternoon's conference call, 2 USAB stations
in Atlanta and Philly will become full Univision affils while
the other 11, including Hub 66, will be a part of a brand
new network code-named "Univision Duo"....Univision and sister network
Galavision, import about 50 hours of programming a week
from Mexico's media conglom Televisa. The deal is not covering
Univision Duo but that might change. This pretty much puts the end
to any rumor that another major US network(Disney, NBC, CBS,etc)
might acquire Univsion...



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