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Re: WBZ finally using CBS (exclusively?)

Don MacMillan writes:
> I think WBZ is trying to still be the primary affiliate for
ABC....they run
> the spots....they run PH...and they get first crack at anything ABC
has to
> offer.  (And first crack at keeping it away from other stations!)

There doesn't seem to be a downside to either CBS or ABC if WBZ's
commitment is there to each. If ABC were to venture into and o/o in
the market specifically to grab BZ's market share, then it could make
some sense to yank PH and also to deny the station of it's news

I notice that KDKA affils. with CNN.  Caught a newscast this week and
noticed that they were still using the former top of hour package.
Went to a wrap on a national story and grabbed a CNN piece, not CBS.
I know that WTTK has some CNN - didn't WBZ also have that network as a
secondary at one time?

Bill O'Neill