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Re: WMEX gives us the biz

I sure am interested on finding out whether this is an 
LMA or an LMA to buy. I can't imagine Barry Armstrong 
being willing to commit the funds necessary to buy the 
station outright. Depending on what's happened with AM 
values since the WILD sale a couple of months ago, WMEX 
with its CP for full-time ought to fetch at least $8 
million and probably more. Perhaps the business format 
is just a placeholder to contain costs while Langer 
completes a deal with a well-healed buyer such as ABC 
(for ESPN Radio) or Fox (for Fox Sports).

Of course, the Money Couple, who run a financial-
management firm (from which WMEX apparently sublets its 
studio space) and do the WMEX AM-drive show, might have 
decided to compete with Armstrong and his time-brokerage 
deals with stations in eastern Mass, RI, and NH, and his 
ownership of WBNW (which, we all know, has, thanks to 
its superlative signal, a lock on the east-Acton market).

But a question that apparently has never occurred to 
Armstrong and may never have occurred to Mr and Mrs 
Bleidt (the Money Couple) is who, in his right mind, 
would commit his finances to the control of (or even to 
financial advice from) someone who would buy an AM 
station at a market top in year 2000?

> Apparently WMEX is going all biz on Mon 4th. Majorie Claptrap...er....Claprood 
> said today (12-1) is her last day and that WMEX is going to an all Business 
> Format.