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Re: WYDN Worcester off the air

On 11/28/00 2:28 AM, Howard Glazer wrote:

> Noticed WYDN missing on the North Shore this past weekend, too.

Was it missing or replaced with another signal?

> I'm surprised that Charter put the station on Channel 12, a nice spot.

The last two stations dropped were WJAR Providence (channel 10) and WPRI 
Providence (channel 12), both carried on their respective channels.  
Channel 10 was replaced with WPXB Merrimack NH when they first switched 
to Pax.  That gave Pax a good dial position, but it's wasted now that 
they're Value Vision home shopping.  Then Channel 12 was made WYDN but 
now it's back to WPRI.  The broadcast channels on the Charter system are 
between 2 and 12 (with 3 the exception with QVC) and between 17 and 26 
(with the exception being 25 with C-SPAN).  I expect a realignment at 
some time, but just replacing old stations with new ones in the same 
channel position means you don't have to move any other ones around.

Unfortunately, WHUB Marlborough (channel 66) was already being carried as 
WHSH when they were home shopping, and now they're stuck at 73 or 99, 
depending on whether you have a cable box or not.

So, I wonder what's up with WYDN?