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Re: WYDN Worcester off the air

Noticed WYDN missing on the North Shore this past weekend, too.

I'm surprised that Charter put the station on Channel 12, a nice spot.
AT&T buried it on Channel 95 on the Lynn-Swampscott-Salem system (with
empty channels 93, 94 and 96, and a redundant program guide on 97 as
neighbors) and never announced its addition. So I guess that in the
500-channel future, Channels 475-500 will be the dark corner for those
pesky little must-carries, huh?

AT&T has its other must-carries -- WNDS, WPXB, WHUB and WMFP -- in a
tidy, well-lit corner between Channels 14 and 19, with WUNI and American
Movie Classics as neighbors. Of course, those placements were Time
Warner's or MediaOne's decisions.