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Re: Titanic trumps election on NBC

> NBC decided not to cut away from their showing of Titanic to show
the Florida
> election certification live.  CBS, ABC and Fox did show the ceremony
> It seems to me that NBC could have cut away for live coverage and
> rejoined the movie where they left off.
> -- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

Titanic....election.....titanic....election.  Getting seasick
just....thinking about the choice.  The election was the no-brainer.
Besides, I refuse to ever watch Titanic...someone leaked the ending.
Or was it the middle?  (I've got my epitaphs narrowed down: "Never
Watched Titanic" or "You're Standing On My Head" or "You're next.

Seriously folks... MSNBC was the one to watch for w/w of the prelim.
at circuit ct.  That judge is just funny.  He's gotta consider
stand-up when his pension blooms.

As for radio coverage, in my return-home visit to the folks in Dracut
over the holiday, I became ensconced in the 'RKO, 'BZ, 96.9 coverage.
Returning back to my (new) home state of VT and it's dearth-time.
Man, those headphones might just get some use, afterall.  Radio

Bill O'Neill