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Re: Talk radio, Talk TV

On Tue, 21 Nov 2000, Richard Chonak wrote:
> > North is, nevertheless, the same talk host who insisted 
> > on referring to Hitler as _MR_ Hitler.
> It reminds me of the BBC newsreaders who (at least used to) refer to
> "Dr. Castro".   

Doesn't the New York Times (not a very liberal paper as you would like to
think) refer to Hitler as Mr. Hitler in any article written about him?
Ditto Mr. Castro (I don't know if they refer to him as "Doctor".  I know,
though, that if you have a doctorate in something, it is customary for
people, except Americans, to call you "Doctor").

This little thing has always amused me about The Times. They can carry
astory about the most vicious and bloodiest serial killer of all time and
still call hime "Mister".

"Yesterday afternoon, New York Police arrested Jack D. Ripper and accused
him of the murder and mutilation of 50 city women. Mr. Ripper's attorney
said his client will plead innocent."


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