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Re: Talk radio, Talk TV

KIEV is owned by Salem and is 100% brokered as far as I 
know. My guess is that Salem would be unwilling to 
broker time to anyone who does politically oriented talk 
and who does not share Salem's ultra-right-wing views. 
Remember, Salem's founders and principal shareholders, 
Mssrs Epperson and Atsinger, are both alumni of Bob 
Jones U. From the Republican primaries (when George W 
Bush spoke there), you will recall the hornet's nest 
over BJU's anti-Catholic bias. I'm not equating 
Catholics with liberals--US Catholics are all over the 
political spectrum. Some are very liberal; others are 
very conservative; most are somewhere in between. But I 
think Salem would apply some curious litmus tests to 
anyone who wanted to broker time from them to do 
political talk on one of their stations. Salem used to 
syndicate Ollie North. For the moment, forget the 
treason of which he was accused but never convicted. 
North is, nevertheless, the same talk host who insisted 
on referring to Hitler as _MR_ Hitler.
> Sorry, but KRLA is going away.  It's been sold to ABC, and the Mouse will be
> flipping it to ESPN Radio shortly.  I have not heard what will happen to the 
> talkers, but I would guess some may wind up at LA talk also-ran KIEV.