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Re: Talk radio, Talk TV

Another ABC/Disney station WLS/Chicago also sent her to exile in a Siberian timeslot(11pm) recently. The local guys who inherited her afternoon timeslot got into a big beef with the WLS' management because Mickey Mouse only offered to pay them for the first 4 hours in their new 5-hour shift. The dispute was finally settled last week.....

On Mon, 20 Nov 2000 18:03:04  
 Chris Beckwith wrote:
>Don't deny the possibility that Dr. Laura may have peaked as a radio phenomenon
>ratings- or revenues-wise.  She's been cut by an hour on WABC on a permanent
>basis, and that move pre-dated the post-election brouhaha.
>Take care,
>Chris, still hoping not-a-doctor Mel lets his stations stream so he can hear
>Ira Fistell on KRLA!
>> Meanwhile, WRKO is still Laura-less at this point, since the presidential
>follies are resulting in
>> additional locally-based talk

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