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Re: Talk radio, Talk TV

>There was a feature about Dr. Laura's struggling TV
>show on last night's "Dateline NBC". In addition to
>defending her views, Schlesinger said she had to make
>her TV show different from her radio show because
>you can have anonymity on radio but not TV. Someone
>can call her radio show and talk about his/her
>problems and it's all fairly anonymous. It's something
>on TV though; these people would appear in person,
>have their names out there, etc. So that could be one
>reason why the show's not working on TV: talk TV and
>talk radio are different.

That anonymity on the radio works both ways, too.  She's safe to say
whatever she wants behind the mic in her radio studio, far away from
those calling in.  If she were to say those same things with those same
people in the same room as her, in front of the cameras, she'd have to
be prepared to face the consequences of her words - especially if her
guests were inclined to engage in a Springer-style free-for-all...

-Shawn Mamros
E-mail to: mamros@mit.edu