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Talk radio, Talk TV

There was a feature about Dr. Laura's struggling TV
show on last night's "Dateline NBC". In addition to
defending her views, Schlesinger said she had to make
her TV show different from her radio show because
you can have anonymity on radio but not TV. Someone
can call her radio show and talk about his/her
problems and it's all fairly anonymous. It's something
on TV though; these people would appear in person,
have their names out there, etc. So that could be one
reason why the show's not working on TV: talk TV and
talk radio are different.

In addition the report said that the TV show had a
"kinder, gentler" Dr. Laura and that her regular
listeners almost wouldn't recognize that version of
her. Maybe it would be like putting Howard Stern on
TV and then telling him to keep all his stuff G-rated.
Somehow it wouldn't work. (Have also heard it said
that radio is a "hot" medium and TV is a "cool"
medium-- although some TV talk shows, like Jerry
Springer, do have outburts from guests, etc.)...

Meanwhile, WRKO is still Laura-less at this point,
since the presidential follies are resulting in
additional locally-based talk (good!), in this case
Darlene McCarthy and Michael Goldman.

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