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Re: even more format changes...

SteveOrdinetz wrote:

> Paul Anderson wrote:
> >Talking Heads was one of the most popular artists on {alternative|modern
> >rock} radio in the 80s.  It's irrelevant how many singles they placed on
> >a Top 40 chart.  Their sound defined and led music in the 80s, much more
> >than someone like Journey, which was just an arena-rock band.
> But Modern Rock/Alternative radio was hardly mainstream in the 80s.  In all
> likelihood, a song that was top 10 on the Alternative chart, but only
> peaked at #78 on the Hot 100 is not likely to be familiar to anyone who
> didn't listen mainly to that format.  Until the very late 80s/early 90s
> that Alternative was pretty much confined to the WFNX's of the world (ie
> Class A rimshots with iffy-at-best signals).

So these songs weren't the most popular, and alternative stations didn't rate
the highest.

The most popular songs are in most cases, not the  most creative.

So who cares what they charted? Why is that so important?