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Re: even more format changes...

Paul Anderson wrote:
>Talking Heads was one of the most popular artists on {alternative|modern 
>rock} radio in the 80s.  It's irrelevant how many singles they placed on 
>a Top 40 chart.  Their sound defined and led music in the 80s, much more 
>than someone like Journey, which was just an arena-rock band.

But Modern Rock/Alternative radio was hardly mainstream in the 80s.  In all
likelihood, a song that was top 10 on the Alternative chart, but only
peaked at #78 on the Hot 100 is not likely to be familiar to anyone who
didn't listen mainly to that format.  Until the very late 80s/early 90s
that Alternative was pretty much confined to the WFNX's of the world (ie
Class A rimshots with iffy-at-best signals).