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Re: End of the FCC AM freeze--and the return of the _UNDEAD_

At 03:15 PM 11/14/00 +0000, dan.strassberg@att.net wrote:
>Despite the repeated pronouncements of the 
>death by AM by several on this list (you out there Steve 
>O and Mike T?), we are seeing an apparent resucitation 
>of the UNDEAD. 

I'm here, and ever the skeptic.  20 years ago AMs were having increasing
difficulty getting people to listen, despite programming that was often
better executed than similarly formatted FMs.  Today there's a whole
generation of people who have never had a reason to listen to AM.  Do you
think they're gonna go out of their way to listen to a 500W station with a
weird pattern that doesn't really cover any populated area?  Witness the
all new ever newer WMEX.  And we're talking a station that has a
semi-decent daytime signal.  

If AM really comes back from the almost dead, feel free to say you told me so.