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RE: Mobile Receiver - Sony or Alpine

>         My brother had an older Alpine in his car that did not impress me
> on the AM reception. Most of these radios pay no attention to the quality
> of the AM, even the aftermarket, and I don't think you can
> necessarily tell
> from the specs they publish. The problem is, you really can't tell until
> you install it. The stores never are set up with an AM antenna and all you
> can listen to is the fluorescent lights. They look at you like
> you might be
> a dangerous weirdo when you ask about the AM part of the radio.

Really... that's funny. I own a Alpine radio and am very happy with both
it's FM and AM reception. Its sensitivity and adjacent channel rejection is
outstanding. OTOH, My parents have a Sony in their car which doesn't have as
good of reception. I guess it all depends on WHICH model of radio you buy.