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Re: well it's the thought that counts

1010 does have some problems at night as their are nulls in the pattern
designed to protect Toronto...it has been told to me that this was the
main reason they couldn't compete as an AM Top 40 station against clear
channel WABC and even WMCA. 880 of course has no signal problems. What is
interesting is WCBS just moved from their long time home at Black Rock to
the CBS Broadcast Center on 57th.

> << Anyhow to announce this change to the good citizens of NYC, Bloomberg is
>  giving away 1,000,000 AM radios all over the city that are locked into
>  1130...only problem is most people are opening the box, taking the battery
>  and then throwing the radio on the sidewalk. >>
> That sounds like a CLASSIC New York story.

  Well I have my Bloomberg radio intact :)

BTW Radio Disney doesn't even show in the latest NY book ( likewise for
Boston) which makes one wonder how much longer they can survive.