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Re: WBTN (AM) stunting for new format

The Class C "graveyard" channels are 1230, 1240, 1340, 
1400, 1450, and 1490. Although it is a Class D station 
(former daytimer), and has technically inferior 
facilities to those of the majority of graveyarders (I 
think WBTN runs 500W-D/60W-N ND--and I'm guessing at the 
night power), WBTN is on 1370, which is a Class B 
(regional) channel. The minimum antenna efficiency on 
Class B channels is higher than that on Class C 
channels, so WBTN's day power probably produces a signal 
equivalent to what most graveyarders (which, in fact, 
run 1 kW-U ND), would put out if they ran approximately 

None of this affects your point, of course, but I doubt 
whether the folks at WFEA, which is also on 1370, would 
appreciate having their station called a graveyarder.
> I doubt that a graveyard-channel AM in a market as small as Bennington is
> likely to go "live and local".  Maybe a live AM drive (such as drive time
> is in a city that small...other than getting thru the traffic light @
> junction of Rts 7 & 9) but satellite/hard drive fare is more likely.  As
> for format--I'm not familiar enough with what (if any) holes exist.   Does
> VPR own WBTN or are they LMAing?